We’ve had a love affair with hair for as long as we can remember. Since watching our mommas transform before our eyes to the day we got our first weave, hair has always had a special place in our heart because it’s been an expression of our soul, capturing the person we are or want to be, and giving us the confidence to show the rest of the world. The way we feel when we feel good about our hair is irreplaceable, and so is the trust in the hair that we use.

While rocking every hairstyle known to man with many different hair brands, the one thing we’ve learned is that all hair has its own story, and the truth in the journey of the hair to your hands can’t be denied. From the way it feels to the way it moves, and how long it lives, we know the short time it takes to differentiate between hair that has been through a tough, difficult journey and the hair that has had a simpler, gentler life. And after many years of research and trials, we found that Bohyme®'s hair told the greatest story.

We founded Revo Hair on the strong belief that hair should never let you down, but always empower you to be your greatest self, and are proud to announce that we have partnered with Bohyme® to ensure just that. Bohyme® has been there for us time and time again, resonating the same values we believe in, and consistently providing us with beautiful, natural, healthy hair from ethical sources that is free from over-processing and damaging chemicals, and full of luster, body, and life. And with our partnership, we are thrilled to be able to show our commitment to hair with integrity to you. While it’s been a battle seeking high-quality, premium hair, every REVOlution needs to starts somewhere.

With love,